Nanoscale 3D Viewing Effect

Visualizing an Invisible World

One interesting effect we discovered, very late in the Nanoscale development process, is a way to view our illustrations in 3D.

This is probably best described as the "cross-eyed" 3D effect. You stare at the image cross-eyed, focusing very close to your face, until two similar sections of the illustration overlap correctly. The illustration appears to pop into 3D. Some folks have trouble doing this, some can't do it at all, but give it a try. . . .

The image below is from Section 35, Perovskite Superconductor, in Nanoscale.

(You can click on the image to open a larger one in a new window.)

Look at it cross-eyed until the two arrows overlap. This is the correct spot for 3D viewing. Then try to concentrate on the illustration. It takes a moment or two. When it pops into 3D view you'll get a much greater sense of depth.

Again, this was only discovered late in the game. Sadly, too late to re-work the whole thing to enhance this. Only some illustrations in the book work, try a few as you browse through.