One of my great passions is typography. Am I frustrated being in Internet design and having little control over font presentation? You bet! How do I get over it? By giving away some fonts I've created. Feel free to use or distribute these however you see fit. (A text file with all the conditions is included with each download.) Please drop me a line if you do use it for something.

All these fonts have been updated to include a universal character set. All numbers, punctuation, accented letters, and symbols are included. If you have a previous version it's well worth it to grab the new ones.

Click on the preview images to see a larger sample.

Marker SD

Marker SD

My handwriting, in a very idealized form! Regular and italic fonts are included.

Download Marker SD


Gondola SD

An early medieval calligraphy-type font with a fancy swash design. Also includes a less-swashy version.

Download Gondola SD


Kells SD

My take on the lettering found in The Book of Kells. I'm especially fond of the g. This is version two of Kells, the glyphs are much cleaner than the original I did.

Download Kells SD

Ramsey Psalter

Ramsey SD

Based on the lettering found in the Ramsey Psalter, an illuminated manuscript from the tenth century, popularized in Victorian times by the calligrapher Edward Johnston.

Download Ramsey SD

Roman Caps

Roman SD

Based on the lettering on Trajan's Column in Rome but with a little more of a calligraphic feel rather than a carved in stone look.

Download Roman SD



A futuristic outline font that's, well, loopy! Regular and italic versions included.

Download Loopy

Futurex Arthur

Futurex Arthur

Part of the Futurex project, where various designers made fonts using a common basic set of parts. I named mine as a pun on "Rex Quondam Rexque Futurus". Regular, bold, and italic versions are included.

Download Futurex Arthur

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